They’re Here

They came in suddenly and quietly…..


It was a brief and stunning visit.  Did they take pictures of us like we did of them?


Then as quickly and quietly as they came….they turned and left.


This sort of thing is best witnessed while listening to Radiohead “Subterranean Homesick Alien”.

What’s your favorite alien song?

*These pictures were taken…as usual… with my phone….on a rainy night on the freeway. The aliens are the freeway lights. I really don’t know why some of them looked like they were turned. But isn’t it cool?


When I say we’ll be cool, I think that you know what I mean….

Red Car3

Red Car2

Red Car1

Superman or Green Lantern ain’t got nothin on me…

This was a ride from Olympia, Washington to Portland, Oregon.  It rained like this the whole way.  The rain only seemed to enhance the coolness of this car that stayed in front of us for several miles.

These moments of coolness were accompanied by the Donovan tune “Sunshine Superman”.  Even though the sun was nowhere to be seen, the song was just right.

It started with a photo challenge…..

The challenge was to submit a picture of yourself doing what inspires you to blog. So far, in another blog, my udisciplined, random blogs have wandered aimlessly as I learn how to maneuver this connection between brain and blog. I am inspired by a ridiculous number of things. So many that I can’t decide which direction I should go. This is why I named my other blog Assorted Pursuits. I’ll leave it at that for now.

With this challenge in mind, I had a bounty of ideas for what this photo could depict. Me cooking, me sewing, painting, making something out of trash, growing things or maybe me working with healing herbs. It just so happened that the weeks challenge landed on the weekend my nephew got married. Which sent my husband and I on the two-and-something hour drive from Portland to Olympia. This is when I discovered another thing I like, and I always do it. So often that I not only made it my photo challenge, I am making it a blog all its own.

Zooming By. I have even named it. It’s what is happening when I am inspired. The truth is, many of my most inspiring moments are experienced while doing this. Zooming by…. in the car on the way to some thing or another. This is when I see things I love. Clouds, trees, buildings, birds, people, city lights, all being viewed through the windshield of our car. The music being played as we drive helps to make things more beautiful…even poetic. Music always inspires me, so I create collections of all of my favorite songs so my husband and I can hear them within our little mobile space of inspiration. There is never time to stop and take a proper picture, because that is not usually on the agenda at the same moment I am being drawn to grab my camera to capture the moment. My husband usually drives (he’s a better captain than passenger), so I am free to snap away at whatever I can. We have commented many times on the idea that if we had to turn in rolls of film to be developed, this photo frenzy would never take place. So many pictures that don’t turn out. Seconds to grab, point, shoot. Oops, missed that one! Oh well. Next time we pass that crazy rusty spot on the bridge, I’ll be ready.

Now I have discovered that some of the picutures I thought were duds are actually unique and quite lovely. Abstract blurs of fall colors, street lights and sunsets can make beautiful art. Especially while listening to music. My husband loves to see the slideshow of whatever excursion we just took. I delete a lot of them but have kept some surprisingly great shots. We have talked about creating some kind of memoir of these photos. I always say “it should be called Zooming By”.